Part of the initial preparations for the establishment of a safe burial cell for the sanitary landfill of medical waste after it’s treatment and compaction in the locally and internationally approved methods.

Part of the initial preparations for the establishment of a safe burial cell for the sanitary landfill of medical waste after it’s treatment and compaction in the locally and internationally approved methods.

As part of the sustainable development program and the ongoing development of the quality of environmental services provided by Marsellia Company for cleanliness and environmental protection, the company’s been visited by The Ministry of Libyan Customs and the Ministry of Local Government, department of environmental sanitation, To check out the equipment and steps taken by the company for the treatment of pharmaceutical waste (Damaged and expired drugs), in the presence of the Chairman and members of the company’s Scientific Committee , composed of selected specialists and experts in the matter.

Stabilization methods for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste

What is safe for you may be harmful for someone else

Is your medicine cabinet full of expired medicines or medicines you no longer use? your medicine for you

The best way to dispose of expired, unwanted or unused medicines is by contacting us, and by filling out the form for expired medicines…or contacting the company to inquire, or requesting one of the relations representatives to communicate.

Emergency ateam

Emergency Team Simulation Emergency Health, Safety and Environment Demonstrates the rapid response to the spill accident resulting from the transportation of hazardous waste on the public road

Handling unit

How Marseilia deals with containers for collecting medical waste, as well as automated vehicles used for their shipment, where we take several steps to sterilize automated vehicles and waste collection containers (boxes), and the methods used in sterilization (ozone, UV rays, steam, in addition to sterilized materials, including alcohol And other disinfectants…


How Marseilia deals with medical waste After completing its shipment operations from health facilities and handling it in a proper manner and treating it in the latest international methods, and before completing the operations of preparing safe tambourine cells for treated waste in Marseilia’s sanitary landfill, Marseilia handles treated medical waste in large presses that accommodate twenty containers Forward with the use of hydraulic pressure and steam to complete the encapsulation processes.

Marsellia Laundry

For the safety of all the employees in our company, Marsellia washes, sterilizes, and handles all the employees outfits and personal clothes on daily basis.


Achieving the highest levels of efficiency, quality and excellence in integrated waste management and environmental protection


Continuous development of our human cadres
Belief in giving the best
Excellence in providing the best services


For a community partnership to achieve sustainable development goals and preserve the environment.

We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to you for your efforts and your constant keenness to perform the work entrusted to you to the fullest

Administrative Control Authority

About company

Marseilia Company for Cleaning and Environmental Protection is one of the companies of the Marseilia Group, which is one of the most prominent national companies working in the field of hygiene and environmental protection, which was established on January 12, 2015 with local cadres and competencies with more than twenty years of professional experience in the field of waste management and environmental protection.
Where we invested our efforts in establishing partnerships with local authorities (municipalities) and other official bodies, and our services are now provided to health facilities such as hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, pharmacies, etc., in several regions.

Medical waste from hospital health care or from medical diagnostics or analyses by medical laboratories containing large amounts of dangerous infectious substances
And for that, we sterilize waste collection containers using several safe and environmental-friendly techniques, and doing so by using a container sterilization mechanism with UV radiation, Ozone sterilization, and steam below 150 Celsius, to make sure that we handle bacteria and pollution-free containers.

IOS 14001

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001

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