It is one of the Marseilia Group companies, which is considered the most prominent national company working in the field of hygiene and environmental protection, which was established on January 12, 2015 with local cadres and competencies that exceed twenty years of professional  work in the field of  medical  waste management and environmental protection

Marsellia Training Center

Prof. Dr. Eltaher Ibrahim Al Thabet

Professor at the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Director of the Postgraduate Office at the Faculty of Medical Technology, Tripoli, Founder and President of the Libyan Club for Medical Wastes

Bachelor's degree in Microbiology

And a specialized certificate in training of trainers from the World Health Organization in the field of safety and biosecurity and in the field of life sciences research Amman Jordan 2013

Training courses in several technical fields specialized in the field of health and the environment

Specialized courses in the field of medical waste management in all its branches Specialized courses in infection control and pest control programs in hospitals and health facilities. Specialized technical courses in the field of hygiene, environmental protection and sustainable development. With the provision of transportation for trainees in the company's motorized vehicle fleet


Medical and pharmaceutical waste management

Marseilia Lab